New Program!

WHAT: The Camino de Santiago of Creativity!

WHY:      Tap into the journey of creativity:  imagination, intuition, and inspiration

WHEN:    Last Monday of the Month (January - June, 2021), 10:00 - 12:00

WHERE:  ZoomRoom, 2021-B


The wood opens, the cave beckons, a meditative space hums and calls you, dear Travellers, to begin the journey.  Artists, writers, dreamers, and seekers of daring and creative inspiration are summoned to engage in writing, doodling, art making, and envisioning couched in insightful conversations and introspections. Move forward; cross the threshold into imagination, intuition, and inspiration.  Look inward; embrace what is seeking you.   


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To RSVP for January 25, 2021, please email Marilyn Hahn at marilyn@ourthirdspace.com

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