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Currently on hold- check back often for updates as we work to bring us together soon!
We get enough of our digital devices throughout the week. Sometimes it's great to disconnect, and spend some time with real people in the real world. That's what Unplugged Sunday is all about.


Regardless of how many games you've played, everyone is welcome to join, including all ages, and whether you're coming alone or in groups. ThirdSpace has a small collection of board games you may borrow from, and the host will be glad to teach you how to play. Alternatively, if you have any games you'd like to bring you're welcome to do so as well, and the host will help find others interested in joining.


Getting there

Public transportation: The 351 and 321 both have stops nearby.

Parking: ThirdSpace has a few spaces on the west side of the building. Street parking in the area is also available.

Handicap access: The venue is on the ground floor, the host can help if you need assistance with the door, and washrooms are handicap accessible.


Other notes

The event begins at 2:00, it's ok if you arrive late, but if you arrive on time you'll be more likely to get in on a game without having to wait.

It ends at 5, though you're welcome to stay a bit later to finish your game.

Outside food and drinks are allowed in the venue, but no alcoholic beverages.


Tickets are free, please reserve yours, if you can't make it you may cancel. Donations are welcome to help support this non-profit venue.


Be nice to each other! Everyone is here to have a good time.

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