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During COVID-19, CC is in transition, and depending on weather is held either by Zoom or in a park.

Conscious Connections is about sharing, being real, going deeper, in whatever way we are drawn.

Conscious Connections Online, and Conscious Connections in the Park, are based on the in-person thirdspace model, and are intended to be temporary, for times when thirdspace meetings are not possible, and is open to anyone who has attended Conscious Connections in-person, or has attended a similar program at thirdspace or Low Entropy.

We provide a safe space for authenticity to flourish, and for participants to explore within, through emotional intelligence, mindfulness, opening the heart, building trust, seeking inner guidance, and full presence. We speak one at a time, sometimes at length as desired and invited. But also, there is no expectation to speak until one feels comfortable and is ready to share.

Sometimes there is a prepared topic for part of the meeting, and when a topic arises organically, it may be followed for as long as it serves our purpose.
We listen intently, resisting the urges to interrupt, judge, give unsolicited advice, offer distracting encouragement, or take the attention away from the speaker. Most of us just need to be truly heard. Guided by compassion, understanding, confidentiality, and respect, our sessions also foster meaningful connections and build community. There are tears and laughter.

Conscious Connections looks forward to returning to in-person meetings at thirdspace in White Rock, likely on Wednesdays, when they reopen, and discontinuing CC Online and in the Park. We thank thirdspace for providing us with a comfortable and friendly venue.

In the meantime, in poor weather, Nelson Beavington facilitates Conscious Connections Online, 7:00-8:00pm Wednesdays, via Zoom. In fair weather, Nelson Beavington and Tori Keirnan co-facilitate Conscious Connections in the Park, 7:00-8:00pm Wednesdays, at Bakerview Park, 1845 154th Street in South Surrey (bring a chair and blanket if you can).

Please visit the day of the meeting to learn if that evening’s meeting is online or in a park.

If you have attended an in-person Conscious Connections meeting before, or if you have attended a similar program at thirdspace or Low Entropy, you can log in up to 10 minutes before a Zoom session.
Please contact Nelson for Zoom Log In information at:

We look forward to journeying with you.
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