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News from ThirdSpace - April 2022

We are taking a break...

ThirdSpace is entering our re-planning phase.

We are temporarily pausing our online and short term programming plans as we work for the future of our community outreach. We are excited as we look to resume in our new space Fall of 2022!

We look forward to sharing with you in exciting updates in the months to come.

In the meantime - we encourage you to smile at your neighbour, say hello to someone on the street, take a breath of fresh air daily and enjoy the sun on your face when it presents itself. Keep well and we will keep you posted!


 - The ThirdSpace Team

News from ThirdSpace - January 2022

As you may have heard, the construction of the Peninsula United Church at the site of the former First United is well underway with hopes of completion in the Summer of 2022. And with it, the dream of transitioning ThirdSpace programming to the new space draws closer. 


However, due to the restrictions necessitated by the ongoing pandemic, it has been decided that we will be ending our current lease at 1381 George Street. ThirdSpace will no longer run out of that location as of the end of January 2022. Our plan is to continue our ThirdSpace programs out of our Sunnyside and/or Crescent Sites. 


Stay tuned for the updates early 2022!


 - The ThirdSpace Team

Check out our ThirdSpace Digital Cookbook!

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