Photos by Bill Anderson 

June 9 - 17 at ThirdSpace 

A very special exhibit of photos that chronicle growing friendship, respect and mutual appreciation between a white "settler" photographer and the Indigenous Pow Wow dancers who have welcomed and befriended him. See these powerful images! 

All my relations: the story behind the photos

The title for this exhibit was chosen after conversations with the elders and some of my dear friends whose photos are in the exhibit or the slideshow.  The phrase “All My Relations” is an all-encompassing term that connects with many spiritual teachings.  It is a term that signifies (among other things) unity in community and respect for all that is.  That respect is an essential ingredient in the preparations for this exhibit as well as in the whole journey that produced these photos.  The exhibit is intended to show the faces of a living culture that has often been disrespected or treated as a tourist commodity.  The photos are not for sale and never have been. Everything is done with the permission of the people themselves. I've been humbled and blessed by the ways in which they welcomed me, by the gift of many deep friendships and by all that I have received and learned along the way.

- Bill Anderson, Photographer